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Play our part to save the eco system during RMCO

01 Jul 2020

During MCO, if you have someone to cook and clean for you, make sure to be grateful, for those who are staying alone and don’t know how to cook, I hope you have learned a few dishes during MCO.

Let’s talk about how to properly take care of the environment with your leftover food scraps and other things that can be used to help the environment. With all the food scrap that you’ve left over, did you know that it can be used as fertilizer for your garden? If you do not have a garden, you can start gardening during RMCO as well, it’s a fun activity you can do on your own or with your family.

Food scraps such as eggshells, bones, and seeds can be used as proteins for yourplants, the best way to use it is to pot it under the plants, place the food scraps under the pot, place the soil to cover it together with the plant. For those who are not on board with the recent Dolgana Coffee trend, I’m sure some of you have some left overused coffee powder from your machine press coffee or filtered coffee. Did you know that you can use these coffee powder to get rid of pungent smells? Not to mention it’s also a good fertilizer for plants.

You can place the used coffee powder in your toilet, it will reduce the odor, some people also put it in their cars. As for plants, it’ll help your soil to produce the needed vitamins for your plants, just let it rest then sprinkle it on the soil of your plants.

Remember the plastics that we get from the shopping malls that they charge usRM0.20 for? During RMCO, you can do your part by bringing your own recycle bag to place all your items, it’ll be easier for you to carry your items into your house, while you sanitize your groceries, you can also sanitize the bags, and you can place the bags back into your car the next day. Make this your habit to help the environment to reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastics.

If you are constantly ordering from delivery services, there is a special tab when you order, to reduce the use of plastic utensils. You are at home and you do not need to use plastic utensils because you have your own at home. It’ll be a waste for the restaurant to give you the plastic utensils and only for you to throw it away after, did you know that plastic is something that needs a long time to degrade? If you bury it under the soil 60 years ago, you can still find it after 60 years, maybe it won’t be in the same shape as it was before but you will clearly know what item it was.

So what can I do to help the environment during MCO? We can reduce the use of plastic take away containers, use reusable containers instead, it will reduce the numbers of plastic take away boxes, when demand lessens, the need for these things will be lesser too. Use glass or stainless steel straws or don’t use a straw at all if you can, this will reduce the need for plastic straws, this will contribute a huge part of the environment.

We can also help the environment by turning off the electrical appliances that we are not using at home. If you are in the living room, switch off the lights, fan, air- cond switch in your room. If you are not using your electrical points such as your charging pod or computer, you can switch off the main switch as well. Switch on the air-cond during daytime if there is a need to, do not turn it on in vain to waste the resources.

There are many ways for us to show love and support as well as do our part to contribute to the environment, most importantly we will need to self educate ourselves, take your free time during RMCO to do some research on how simple things can contribute to the planet’s wellbeing. Reduce your carbon footprint and slowly change your habits to save the environment.

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