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Are properties still worth investing in Malaysia?

04 May 2020

Original Article Property Queen


Many who are affected by Covid-19 may say it is not a good time to go into property, however, if you pay attention online, there are market experts that tell you to invest now and get your return later, does this apply to everyone or

With what’s been going on since the beginning of 2020, everyone is bracing themselves for the worst, such as an economic downfall, leading to recession of the economy, where many will lose their jobs, their businesses and some may
declare themselves bankrupt. Therefore, the majority of the people will choose to save money and help themselves during these trying times. Now, many experts have shared their views on property and that property is the
best way to earn money and it is the best investment you can own in the long term. So, are properties still worth investing in Malaysia? Let’s look into the items that need to be considered before we make a move
in investing in properties during this rocky time.


1) Financial Stability

– Are you financially stable enough to invest in a property, do you have enough to make ends meet and still be able to afford a leisure lifestyle? If you do, then you can speak to a real estate advisor to help you spend your
money wisely.

2) Commitment
– When you are an adult, many things are on your commitment list, such as monthly loan repayments for existing property, hire purchase loan, insurance, bills, rent and many more. If half of your salary goes into
repaying your monthly commitments, we suggest you stay low for now and focus on what you already have. As too much burden will give you a hard time.

3) Personal Profile
– Your personal profile is important when wanting to purchase a property at this moment. If you have many assets under your name, then it will be hard for you to get a loan from the bank. As the bank will consider your
capability on the loan repayment.

4) Understanding of Current Market
– If you want to invest in any project right now, you’ll need to do some homework and research on the current market and what you can gain from this investment. You can consult a real estate advisor to understand

5) Choosing the Right Investment
– The right investment will bring you the right return, make sure to choose the right property to invest and make sure to have fully understand what you need to understand before making that decision.
Above are the five things you’ll need to consider before making an investment for this year. If you have any question or need any advice from a professional, you may contact real estate firms that
provide advisory services. Make the right move, do the right things and make the right choices. Happy investing!

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