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Pest Control at Home

12 Aug 2020

[ Original Article from Property Queen ]

If you have been living in a house for quite some time, you’ll notice that certain
pests are unavoidable, the common ones would be ants, house lizards,
cockroaches, mosquitoes and house flies. However, these insects can be
exterminated and that is why we have pest control to help us solve the problem.

It is advisable that before you move into a new house, use the pest control
services to help you clean your house of pests first, only proceed to clean the
house and slowly move in, some would ask you to call pest control every 4
months to keep the house pest-free, if the area you are living near to the wet
market or food stalls, then it is unavoidable to have pests such as rats all over.

How can we keep our house to be pest free and be frugal at the same time? Home
remedy pest control is the way to go, it also kills bacteria and germs, it’s easy to
make, and every household would be able to upkeep their house to make it pest

1) Coffee Grounds
-Critters and pests don&#39;t love your coffee as you do. In fact, they hate it! For
ants, coffee grounds are fatal. Try getting rid of bugs by utilizing recycled coffee
grounds around your home in the area from which you think the bugs are

2) Sweet and Sour Fly Trap
– For this fly trap, you will need a bottle or other kind of container with a shaker
or funnel-shaped top, so that flies can get in but not out. Fill the bottom of the
bottle with apple cider vinegar or vinegar and chopped apple pieces to get rid of
that buzzing in your ear.

3) Adios “Roach-chachos”
– Baking soda is one of the most multifunctional products ever created, so it’s no
surprise that it has the ability to get rid of cockroaches, as well. The best method
is if you mix the soda with some sugar, first. The smell of sugar will bring out the
roaches, tempting them to eat from the mixture, without noticing the baking
soda. After that, when they go to drink some water, a reaction with the soda will
cause their stomach to burst.

Cockroaches often feed on their dead comrades, so
a chain reaction of death will follow. Here is the recipe; mix equal parts of sugar
and baking soda in a lid or a dish, place another dish or a lid close to the first one
and fill it with water, refill the containers with more bait and water when the
dead roaches start to appear, place a couple more dishes around the places,
where roaches usually gather, repeat until you are cockroach free.

4) Onion and Garlic for Lizards
-Who knew this humble ingredient could be so useful both in the kitchen and
everywhere else around the house. Lizards really hate the smell that the
enzymes in garlic emit, so if you’re having a lizard problem in the kitchen, leave
some cloves around. Alternatively, make a garlic juice spray and wipe your
counters with them. Just like garlic, onions are said to be great for keeping lizards at bay. You can also make an onion juice spray and spray your countertops before cleaning it up.

5) Keeping the house squeaky clean
– The best way to avoid all this commotion is to keep your house squeaky clean,
sweep and mop your floors as often as you can, especially in the kitchen where
you prepare meals and handle food, as it will attract these critters. Other than
that, make sure to clean the whole house at least once a month to reduce these
pests from appearing to cause unwanted surprises.

That’s all we have for you, we hope these home remedies are able to help you!
Stay clean, stay safe, and stay healthy!

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