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Steps to decorate your own house

22 Jul 2020

(Original Article Property Queen)
Steps to decorate your own house


If you are thinking of revamping your house or if you are moving into a new house and you want to put your creative self to good use, here are some useful tips that will help you create a great atmosphere at home while not burning a hole in your pocket! First thing first, make sure to take measurements of your home in every room from the bedrooms to the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. This way, when you are doing your shopping, it will be easier for you to check on the measurements. Next is knowing what kind of style you wish to design your house into and choose the right colors, we strongly suggest you paint your house first and have spring cleaning done prior to furniture shopping.

1) Built-in furniture
If your property is not that big, then you can design it in a minimalist way,with simple furniture, for example, 1 sofa, 1 coffee table, and a carpet, as for the wall, you can choose to fix built-in TV bracket, below the TV, you can add a mini console that is able to fit your decoders, wifi modems, game console, remotes and such. You can even choose to fix a built-in console together with some small racks by the side of your TV. This is tosave some space to put some decorative items.

2) Mirrors work wonders
If you have a wall between your kitchen and your hall, you can fix  a mirror on the wall facing your living room, it will enhance your space to make it look more spacious, cleaning the mirror is also easy, you can spray some soap or water on your mirror and wipe it with some old newspapers, it will make your mirror squeaky clean and leaving no marks behind.

3) The lesser the better
There is no need to put so much furniture in the house, as it will give you a headache when you need to clean your house, it won’t be convenient for you to move your furniture around just to clean the compact spaces in the house. So choose only those that you’ll need, for example, your bedroom will only need 1 bed, 1 cupboard for your wardrobe, a dressing table and side tables by the bed, try to keep your room as minimal as possible, for other items like your luggage bags or sports equipment, you can keep them in your storeroom, that is why we have a storeroom at home.

4) Kitchen Cabinets
Some of you have built-in cabinets, hood, hob, and more once you get your keys. It’s best for you to not add anything else if you already have these ready, you can store many of your foodstuffs in the cabinets provided. When storing your cooking pots and pans, make sure to keep them at the cabinets on the bottom, you may add a layer of protective rubber in the cupboards to avoid scratching the cabinets. When choosing a refrigerator, make sure to choose one that isn’t too high and take up too much space,and calculate the amount of space you have before making the wrong decisions.

5) Bathroom
If you have a small bathroom and your shower area doesn’t have any partition, you can choose to add some shower curtains that you can easily fix on the wall. If you wish to keep some toothpaste, shavers and such supply in the bathroom, you can choose to add a small cabinet by the corner of your toilet, remember to put anti-slip carpets on the floor as safety measures. These are some of the simple ideas you can incorporate to decorating your house or redecorating your house. We hope that these tips come in handy!

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